We believe that life and health depend on earth and because of this we strive to improve nature

Who are we ?

In 2010 three friends set out onto the road to organic farming and realized that the most important thing for the organic farming is the organic compost, so they directed their efforts and researches in that direction. During the course of the researches on the organic compost, they reached the conclusion that the vermicompost is better balanced, more effective, more fertilizing and more suitable in comparison to the other types of organic compost, so they established a small open farm in the village of Cherven, Bulgaria in order to specialize in that sphere and carry out the necessary activities in terms of research and development. As a result of the experiments made, they found out that it is impossible for the vermicompost to reach its real quality in the open, because the vermicompost which has been produced in the open is subject to the external factors and to the variable climatic conditions during the period of production; it is a fact that the worms are part of the food chain of many insects and bacteria which influence the quality of the production, and external factors such as the presence of harmful pathogens and heavy metals in the final product cannot be completely avoided. Thus with the establishment of the first factory for serial production of vermicompost in the town of Asenovgrad, “Compost” OOD was set up.   


Nowadays “Kompost” OOD produces the most natural vermicompost of the highest quality and indicators under the brand Wormycompost. The production takes place in automatic basins known as “constant flow system”, our own invention, in open premises with an area of 6000m2 and in closed premises with an area of 2500m2 in the town of Asenvgrad with the help of millions of small ecological workers (worms); the so-produced vermicompost is much more fertile and useful in comparison to the vermicompost produced in open premises as its production takes place in a entirely hygienic environment, away from any harmful insects and bacteria. In order to get acquainted with this natural miracle, view the data section and get in contact with us to receive information on how to grow real organic products in a healthier soil…