Journey to discover healthful tastes…

Our story

 Everything started with the desire of three fathers who wanted their children, once they started to feed on solid food, to eat products as natural as mother’s milk. Naturally, the most logical choice were the organic agricultural products. But the detailed research revealed more and more shocking details. For years now the agricultural lands have been turned into one big chemical laboratory with the purpose of higher yields and bigger profits. The soil improvers, the plant protection products used for protection against pests, the additives and even the fertilizers were chemical. To what extent is it possible to grow environmentally-friendly products in a soil contaminated with so many chemicals?

Are red meat and smoking the only cause for the poorer health and cancer?

How healthful are the green vegetables which we eat while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Aren’t fertilizers made of chemicals? Aren’t seeds genetically changed in order to get a higher yield? Don’t they use hormonal substances to make fruits and vegetables look bigger and more succulent? Don’t they treat them with chemicals against pests?

And can we wash all these poisonous chemicals off with water?


Parents! Do you remember the taste of the tomatoes from your childhood? Do you remember which fruits and vegetables in which season we used to eat?


We do remember and in order to protect our children, we took the first step and started to grow fruits and vegetable in our own gardens. This is how we managed to control the development of the fruits and vegetables which we eat.


But this is not enough. We direct our steps to a more environmentally-friendly production. We are not sure yet if the fertilizers and additives we use are as safe as it is stated on the packaging because we have been deceived for years on end. Every day we eat products grown with hundreds of chemicals…


During our researches and activities for the provision of more healthful products for the next generations, we met a long-forgotten old friend whom we saw and passed during the rainy days or whom we remembered during fishing. And this is how we met it again!


The earthworm!


Some of us knew that this friend is much more than just a fishing bait, that it is an agricultural worker aerating the soil by moving though it and this is good for the plants. What we did not know was that the secretion of the earthworm which it secretes during its movement is very useful for the soil, and even more important is that the worm consumes various substances, including rotten plants. The latter are being processed inside the worm’s body with the help of various enzymes and what is excretes is compost which protects the plants from harms due to insects, improves the taste, increases the yield with 15 to 70%, strengthens the roots of all plants and fortifies their protective functions, protects the soil against erosion, improves the function of the useful bacteria in the soil thanks to its microbic activity and increases soil fertility. All the above turns the worm into saver of mankind!


“Kompost” OOD continues to distribute the vermicompost and thus helps the growth and deliveries of completely organic agricultural products all over the world. It exports 100% organic vermicompost under the brand Wormycompost to countries all over the world and helps increase the awareness of all agricultural producers and users regarding the fact that organic agriculture is achieved by using completely organic fertilizers.