Mission and Vision

Our dream is to achieve a more natural and healthier future without chemicals and a generation who will eat entirely natural food.


It is controversial whether the reason for the decrease of the gifts of nature is the increase of world population or the fact that due to the increase of the population, nature is gradually destroyed in order to build new homes. But one thing is sure, and namely that for years now people’s health and nature gradually worsen because of the fertilizers used to increase crop, because of the chemical hormones used to get bigger fruits and vegetables and because of the plant protection products used for protection against pests.   

Future plans

We do not want to eat any more fruits and vegetables grown on poisoned earth. We do not want the green vegetables which we eat thinking that they are healthful, to poison our bodies and we do not want to witness how nature is being fast destroyed. Our aim is to raise a healthier future generation. Therefore, we strive for a healthier future and a healthier nature where to grow real healthful products. Throughout the years in which we used the vermicompost produced as a result of our research and development activities for fertilizing the products which we were growing, we have achieved the desired healthiness and environmental friendliness of the fruits and vegetables for our families. Our dream is to grant you environmentally-friendly and healthful fruits and vegetables grown by using vermicompost which look as if they have been just picked.