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What is vermicompost? Vermicompost Wormycompost is the manure of red Californian wigglers, formed as a result of the processing of plant and animal organic wastes. This is an organic fertilizer which containes all natural nutrients, vitamins, hormones, i.e. all vital substances necessary for the soil, flowers, vegetables and fruits. Thanks to the large quantities of humic acids and active microorganisms which it contains, it ensures the growing of crops even on the most infertile soils. It is used as an organic fertilizer to increase soil fertitlity for all kinds of fields, greenhouse plants and flowering ornamental plants.

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In accordance with the international standards, there are no restrictions regarding its use. Compared to other fertilizers, it is used in quite small quantities. There are no strictly defined quantities and periods of use. It can be used from seed-time to harvest-time. Applying it at least 3-5 cm beneath soil is recommended as it stabilizes and activates the microelements and microorganisms in the soil to the necessary level with useful humate and its balanced mixing with the soil maximizes its effect.