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This is a specially prepared mixture of 100% natural compost which is ready to use, has a high level of organic substances, regulated pH balance for plants, high capacity to retain water, contains as pure additive vermicompost WORMYCOMPOST and is especially suitable for the development of the root. As it retains the high level of moisture, the irrigation factor decreases. WORMYCOMPOST peat for plant growing: suitable for all kinds of flowering and non-flowering plants (potted plants, garden plants, saplings etc), rye-grass, plants for indoor and outdoor premises with the exception of water-plants (marsh plants). Apart from using it directly, it can be also applied by mixing it with soil. When using the product, please consider the special growing conditions (watering, temperature, sun exposure etc) and the places where the chosen plants will be grown.

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* Each year the potted plants must be replanted in pots which are 3-4 cm bigger and their soil must be replaced. * When changing the pots, put the plant roots in water (preferably water containing liquid vermicompost WORMYCOMPOST), disentangle them and clean out the old dry roots. * If a ceramic pot will be used for replanting, immerse the pot in water until fully wetted. * Place drainage at the bottom of the new pot – one layer of small stones or tree bark. * Place a certain quantity of vermicompost (biotorf) over the drainage layer in the new pot and position the plant’s roots in the middle. * Once the plant’s roots are in the pot, add more vermicompost WORMYCOMPOST around the roots and press lightly, leaving 1 – 2 cm empty space. * Level gently the surface and water. During cultivation, water according to the plant’s needs and let the torf be always moist.