Why vermicompost?

It is very important for the production of natural organic products to increase the quantity of organic substances in the soil by applying natural organic fertilizers, as in this way the soil regains its natural structure and vitality. The vermicompost is a concentrated natural microbial fertilizer which, unlike the chemical fertilizers, which provide just one element, contains all enzymes, antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones and humic substances, necessary for the plant development, and consists of nutrients and building substances providing all necessary substances in a well-balanced and easily accessible form.

Main vermicompost benefits


*100 % organic. 100 % ecological and non-toxic. There will be no remains of nitrates in the plants grown with this fertilizer. Odourless. Does not contaminate the water, the air and the soil. Does not contain any additives.

* It can be used for all kinds of agricultural crops.

* It ensures resistance, fast growth and development of the plant, as well as early ripening.

* Thanks to the coelomic fluid, which earthworms secrete for the purpose of self-preservation and transfer to the soil, the plant becomes more resistant to root diseases.

* The numerous microorganisms in the digestive system of the earthworms fight against the harmful bacteria in the soil and neutralize their harmful effects. The plant’s resistance against diseases is increased.

* It accelerates the plant’s root development, increases root branching and ensures a robust root.

* It helps for the quick recovery of ill plants and quickly restores those cells which have been damaged by the harmful substances and pathogenic organisms.




* Ensures a completely balanced fertilizing with basic vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, hormones and growth stimulants.

* Speeds up the plant’s development and ensures increase in the growth of quality products.

* Speeds up the ripening period with 2-3 weeks.

* Does not contain weed seeds.

* Ensures increase in the yield with 30-70%.

* Ensures the growth of  100% naturally good, tasty and aromatic crops.

* Improves seeds’ vitality and their fast rooting.

* Eliminates the necessity to sow different crops every year.

* Lengthens shelf-life.




* Contains natural soil-vital substances.

*Increases the quantity of organic substances in soil.

* Activates the microorganisms in the soil. Regenerates soil’s microbiological wealth, stabilizes the microelements, fuller’s earth and the useful microorganisms  in the soil.

* The plant nutrients and the micro and macro organisms, which it contains, decompose gradually in the water and provide long-term nourishment for the plants thus the need for fertilizers decreases with the passing of time.

* Decreases the effect of the microorganisms in the soil.

* Increases soil capacity to retain water. Minimizes stress. Decreases the quantity of water needed for irrigation.

* Regulates soil’s pH balance. Transforms those plant nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium, iron etc which cannot be absorbed by the plant into biodegradable ones and thus facilitates their absorption by the plant.

* In terms of acidic and sandy soils, it serves as a bond between their particles, and in terms of heavy clay soils, it loosens the connection between its particles and increases the porous structure.

* It modifies the soil structure to be more favorable for the plant’s development.

* Its action continues for 3-5 years.

* It fertilizes worn-out soils which have been contaminated with chemicals and have lost their strength and vitality. Thus the need for chemical fertilizers decreases with the passing of time.

* Does not contaminate underground and surface waters, atmosphere and soil.   

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