- The transformation of organic wastes into compost via biochemical decomposition as a result of the interactive activity of the earthworms and the microorganisms is called vermicomposting. The microorganisms are responsible for the process of decomposition of the organic matter, while the earthworms play an extremely important role in the process as they aerate the organic matter, feed on it and after its digestion, excrete it but meanwhile they have enriched the organic matter with their body fluids and thus have increased the microbial activity.

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The vermicompost is the richest in nutrients type of fertilizer. It stimulates the plants development and growth more than any other natural product on the market. The vermicompost is natural, organic and 99% pure; these characteristics make it one of the most popular organic fertilizers nowadays, when more and more people are starting to grow organic and healthful plants in their own gardens. The vermicompost has existed ever since the creation of the earth and it is the only original natural fertilizer granted to us by the Creator. Every day people discover its benefits and advantages for agriculture and gardening.


The earthworms which participate in the vermicomposting process, consume the organic substances and excrete casts which can be used as a natural and organic fertilizer named vermicompost. For the producers of organic products this natural fertilizer is very important because the vermicompost balances the pH of the soil and helps retain the moisture. Plants adore the vermicompost! In comparison to the normal soil surface, the vermicompost contains 5-11 times more nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and furthermore it is richer in microelements such as manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron, carbon and nitrates. All nutrients in this natural, balanced organic fertilizer are easily absorbed by the plants. The organic matter which passes through the digestion system of the earthworms is transformed into natural forms which are denser and easier to assimilate in comparison to the normal soil. The minerals are water-soluble and as they dissolve gradually in the soil, they are transformed into an easily absorbed by the plants form. This fantastic characteristic of the vermicompost permits its momentary usage and regular fertilization in the long run, and is due to a special fat secreted over the vermicompost particles during the exceptional earthworms’ digestion process. Within 2 months this layer is gradually dissolved. Therefore the nutrients can be used by the plant immediately and due to the gradual dissolution of the vermicompost, they spread longer in the soil. Furthermore, the earthworms transfer to the vermicompost their own useful soil microbes and these microorganisms create a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the plant and help them absorb nutrients from the soil. This is yet another benefit! In this sense the vermicompost is a LIVING fertilizer full of useful bacteria and other organisms which assist the absorption of additional nutrients from the air.

The vermicompost is more efficient if compared to the chemical fertilizers and to most natural fertilizers. In addition, it is completely harmless toward the plants, animals and people regardless of its concentration. Even if used in a concentration higher than the quantity which is normally produced in nature, it has many advantages, including:

- healthy growth of plants;

- assists the formation of a strong root system with cilia;

- better soil aeration;

- control over the plant pathogens and nematodes which eat the roots.


The vermicompost is the safest and most natural fertilizer which you can discover. It does not contain any chemicals and, despite your expectations, it has no unpleasant smell. The only smell you can sense is the great post-rain rich smell of fat land in the wood. The bacteria in the digestive system of the earthworm transform the organic wastes which they have consumed into fantastic fertilizer. The chemical changes which this organic matter undergoes include odour removal and neutralization. Therefore the vermicompost is neutral (pH 7) and odourless. Thanks to the bacteria which it contains, the processes initiated in the vermicompost continue in the soil as well and the microbiological activity is stimulated. This organic fertilizer is completely safe! There is no risk of overdose or wrong use, no risk of scorching the plants, withering the young stalks or roots, in contrast to the risks encountered with the other fertilizers.   

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